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After the company established, not only meeting customers demands with our good quality, but also satisfied customers with our excellent service. In order to let customers enjoy high quality service ,we will make the following commitments and serve you according to the commitment strictly.

Guarantee period

Our cranes guarantee period is 5 years, we are in charge of free maintenance or repair caused by equipment damaged or failure except human factors. That is indeed the reason of the company's product quality, all expenses shall be borne by the company.

Lifelong maintaining

Our company will provide lifelong maintaining for our customers, day maintenance system implementation, after the expiration of guarantee period, cost of replacement parts needs to be paid by the user.

Maintenance response time

When you need to provide door-to-door service, our company will arrange relevant technical personnel to the scene within 6 hours after receiving your request .

After service telephone: 0415-6607722 15141547722

Urgent maintenance

For random failure cannot be predicted in advance and the customer cannot solve through reasonable methods in a short time, we will send technical personnel to the scene within 3 hours after receiving your call, for minimizing customers losses.

After service time: Monday-Sunday

Training program

We will provide free training , relevant information about operating, maintenance, etc.

We will send one experienced professional technical personnel to the scene as teacher, the buyer needs to arrange trainee to learn.

During training period, we will teach the operator how to operate, maintain and all other relevant content until they can handle it independently.

We will submit training program and documents before start trainingthe buyer needs to prepare training site.